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Ranger Environmental Monitoring - PROTECT AND UNDERSTAND

The Ranger Remote Monitoring Solution is uniquely suited to be the telemetry, control, and data collection system of environmental monitoring sites.  From single analog sensor setups, to highly complex multi-platform digital sensor field stations, Ranger monitors them all with a proven track record in the harshest areas on earth.

The Ranger Field Terminal is a completely self-contained unit, with optional solar panel, sealed battery, and mounting bracket in one streamlined designed unit.

For monitoring close to population centers with frequent data reporting, we offer GPRS-based telemetry systems.   For monitoring operations far from civilization, we offer satellite-based telemetry covering the entire lower 48 and most of North America.

Plug in your sensors and turn it on.  Your data will be transmitted to our hosted data service using satellite or cellular telemetry.  Then you can log-in to our data service at any time to view conditions, download data, and generate reports--all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection!

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