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Ranger Field Terminal

The Ranger Field Terminal is an industrial-grade, dedicated, intelligent controller capable of monitoring any sensor, performing self-diagnostics, and seamlessly transmitting data to the "always on" Ranger Data Service 24 hours a day.   Ease of installation and low maintenance is assured by providing a simple setup, usually less than 20 minutes, and plug and play sensor technology.  On-site installation and consulting services are available.

Technical Specifications

  • Monitor any sensor on the market.  The controller is equipped with analog and digital I/O, and can connect to pulse, frequency, voltage, current, or serial data type sensors, as well as the popular SDI-12 environmental monitoring sensors.
  • Optional solar power pack includes 5 watt panel, digital charge controller, and maintenance-free (no replacement necessary) rechargeable battery.
  • Optional GPS / A-GPS asset tracking capability.
  • Optional 2-way communications available for applications needing to contact the Ranger Field Terminal controller.
  • Sealed weathertight construction (NEMA 4X/IP65 rated) is built to withstand harsh field conditions and provide years of service.
  • On-board self-diagnostic system is capable of detecting potential maintenance problems before they occur, and automatically sending service request alarms.

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