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Ranger Applications - CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS

The Ranger family of monitoring solutions are designed to be flexible, customizable solutions for remote monitoring applications.  Multiple telemetry options are available depending on your application and location, including satellite for wide area coverage and GSM coverage that provides higher data throughput in areas where coverage is available.  The field hardware is fully programmable and capable of r eading a wide variety of sensors to match the needs of your application.

What We Do

Every Ranger field terminal is custom configured and programmed to meet your needs.  We work with you to determine what sensors will be monitored, how often you need data reported, and what conditions will trigger station alarms.  Each monitoring unit is then assembled and tested in the USA, shipped to you activated and ready for service.

What You Get

Plug in your sensors and turn it on.  Your data will be transmitted to our hosted data service using satellite or cellular telemetry.  Then you can log-in to our data service at any time to view conditions, download data, and generate reports--all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection!

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