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Privacy Policy

TEMC, LLC, respects the privacy concerns of all our customers.  Protection of personal and proprietary data is paramount.   This Privacy Policy discloses what type of information is collected, the method used to collect it and how TEMC utilizes the information to better serve all interested parties.  Your use of any TEMC website constitutes acceptance of this Privacy Policy and any other applicable terms.  The Terms of Service for this website are hereby incorporated by reference.

TEMC collects and warehouses data transmitted from remote monitoring field terminals manufactured and sold by TEMC.   TEMC will not disseminate or divulge any customer data to any party other than the rightful owning customer.   Through various interfaces to their data, rightful owning customers will identify themselves by providing a username and password originally provided to them by TEMC.  In circumstances where a customer requests or allows their data to be provided to a third party, TEMC will only do so after receiving the expressed, written consent of the rightful owner.   TEMC will make every reasonable effort to protect customer data, including use of industry standard encryption and authentication systems.

TEMC stores the email addresses, telephone, and fax numbers customers have provided to us as the recipients of alarm notifications and corporate communciations.  TEMC will not provide, sell, divulge, or deliver any customer email address, telephone, or fax number to any party outside the owners of that information.  All customer contact information used by our systems will be kept strictly confidential.

TEMC cannot be responsible for the confidentiality of customer information or owned data during transmission from other third-party systems to our systems, and from our systems to other third-party systems.   For example, once an email alarm has left our system, we cannot vouch for the confidentiality of the contents of the message as it passes through other email transfer programs belonging to unrelated entities on the Internet.  In the unlikely event any local, state, or federal government agency requests the dissemination of confidential customer data, TEMC will only comply with requests backed by a legitimate court order.

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