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Ranger Generator Monitoring - MAXIMIZING AVAILIBILITY

The Ranger Remote Monitoring Solution generator monitoring system provides 24 / 7 access to critical operational parameters, and is specifically configured for emergency power systems.  Increased availability and reduced maintenance is provided by a comprehensive system of on-site measurement and control systems, combined with the powerful Ranger Data Service that provides alarming, data presentation, reporting, and maintenance scheduling tools.

The system is designed for interfacing to prime, standby, and rental power applications.  The low cost of ownership and simple, straightforward operation of the system make it an ideal solution for monitoring alternate power systems, from 1 to 1000 units, at any location.

  • No telephone lines or radio systems to install
  • Remote engine start/stop events and total run hour reporting
  • Flexible interface allows connection to any generator, and monitoring other parameters such as oil, fuel, and coolant
  • Optional asset location via GPS

Generator distributors should consider our reseller program to offer your customers a simple, turnkey monitoring solution packaged under your own brand name.

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